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If you landed here, chances are you are looking for the right wedding photographer to capture your special day, or you are doing your homework and looking for the perfect portrait photographer for your session.

Now let's get to the nitty gritty because I know you really want to ask me all these questions so I might as well just have the answers for you to easily access. This might look like a lot to read, but you really should do it now. It will save you time down the road. It's all about you being efficient, me being transparent, and we both having clear communication from the get-go. Let's do this!

Where are you based?
North Dakota

Do you travel?
Heck yea!

Do you charge traveling fees?
No, for in-state  sessions and weddings. Yes, for out-of-state sessions and weddings. My travel fee is a flat rate based on the region you are at.  Please inquire for more details.

Have you shot out-state weddings?
Yes. I have photographed weddings in South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada and North Carolina.

Have you shot international weddings?
Yes. Two countries and counting: Ireland and Brazil.

Do you charge separately for digitals files?
No.  All services come with personal print release rights and an online gallery w/ High-Resolution images for you to download at your own convenience.

Do I have to buy prints and albums from you?
No, but you can if you want to. It's not obligatory at all.

Do we get all of our photos? 
Yes! I will not deliver mid-blinking, blurry or unflattering photos, but other than that you'll get every photo of your day. On average, I deliver no less than 30 photos per session and no less than 400 for elopements + weddings. It just depends on how long I'm hired for and how much goes on during your session or wedding day. There is not a cap on how many photos you'll get. Just keep in mind, I do not overshoot.

Can I have access to the un-edited photos (originals)?
No. I do not send you any RAW/original files (un-edited) photos. You're hiring me because you like my style and trust my skills.

How do you deliver photos?
Password protected online gallery with full High-Resolution photos. No watermarks or logos. You have full access to your pictures and you can share/print away.

When should I expect to receive my photos ?
Sessions' galleries are delivered in 3-5 days and weddings' galleries within 1-3 weeks. I know how excited you are to see your photos and I won't have you waiting more than you should for that. That does not mean I'm rushing and not doing my best. I photograph correctly and do not depend on editing to make the image better. For me, it's all about efficiency!

How would you describe your style? 
I love the outdoors and that's where I find myself more inspired. My sessions are mostly done outside no matter what season of the year it is buuuut I do offer in-home lifestyle sessions as well because they are awesome. I'm all about embracing the elements and genuine connections. As a wedding + elopement photographer, I describe my style as documentary. I love to capture your day as it naturally unfolds. I don't do stiff, perfectly posed pictures, nor do I say "Hey, look at the camera and smile!" to your guests. That does not mean I skip traditional bride+groom and family portraits. Not at all! I'm all about serving my clients and giving them exactly what they envision for their big day. There are so many emotions and things going on during your special day and it all goes by so fast. I want to be a facilitator, and not just a vendor for you to deal with!

Can we see a full gallery?
Yes, and I absolutely recommend that you do! I have a variety of full weeding galleries on my Portfolio page. You can check out as many as you want.

How do we book? 
I send you a proposal that contains the agreement and the collection of your choice to book thru our invoicing program, Honeybook. For sessions, it's a 50% retainer and the balance is due 24 hours before your schedule date. For weddings, it’s a 35% retainer and the balance is due 30 days prior to your special day (payment plans available upon request). It's all done online so NO hassle!

On your pricing page you pointed out that you are open to talk about wedding photography budgets. Can you elaborate?
Money is always a touchy subject but I believe it's super important to openly talk about numbers from the get-go. Wedding services can be expensive and will add up super quickly. Photography is my full time job. As a business owner (meaning my own boss), I do not get retirement or health benefits as I would if I had a corporate job. It's all paid out of my own tiny pocket! While I always try my best to work around budgets, that's not always possible because I have a “hard cost” in order to profit and stay in business. Here are some key factors that counts when considering getting a special rate for your wedding collection:

1) Having a wedding on a weekday: Monday thru Thursday
2) Having a wedding during "off" season : November thru March
3) Customized wedding collection that fits your basic coverage needs and cuts off all the extras

Now, if you are having a Saturday wedding in the middle of wedding season (April - October), chances are I won't be able to accommodate your budget because I need to be able to book at full price for prime dates. That's a common practice within the service industry like hotels, venues, airlines companies... It's just part of running a business. I hope you can appreciate my honesty.

Are you ready? Let's do this! Book me here.

And if you have any other questions, just shoot me a quick message!